Disgolem was made for LD36 by @OhCarson, @ghoulkiss and @Jack_Gill_SGS over 3 days.

Click dancing golems and use the arrrow keys, or W,A,S and D keys to the different beats to control them on the dance floor.

Match the same colored golems to get points and clear up some room for more!

'A golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from funky ingredients, such as platform shoes, sequins, and four-to-the-floor drum patterns' [citation needed] Once every ten thousand years, deep below the surface of the earth, the ancient and forgotten catacombs of Disconia are woken by the power of ancient funky Disco beats, and the silent denizens of that once proud civilisation take to their feet, with one resolute aim; Getting' down. As a conductor of funk, take control of the Golems of Disconia and guide them to their dance floor partners, to transcend this world in a flash of flares and disco fever. Connect bigger Golem groups for more points, and become the stuff of ancient Disco legend.

Please note : Issues with android have been fixed, and the input is a bit more lenient now. Works well on android now!

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Published141 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
TagsAction, android, Colorful, disco, ghoulkiss, jackgill, Ludum Dare 36, ohcarson, puzzle, rythm
Player countSingleplayer


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