In Excuses Excuses, you play as a horrible officeworker who always does strange things in the office. 

You're on the brink of getting fired, unless you find the right person to blame it on.

  • How long can your career last?
  • Your career contains randomly generated actions and dialogue.
  • When in doubt, blame it on Creepy George

Made for #fusejam 2017 over around 2 days, a few bugs have been fixed post jam.

Code & Voice : @OhCarson & @Jack_Gill_SGS

Art : @JimScull

Music and audio : @SpicyJAudio


Excuses Excuses 23 MB
Excuses Excuses 24 MB
Excuses Excuses 26 MB
Excuses Excuses Android.apk 31 MB

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